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8th Place at ADGA Nationals

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Welcome to Fiddler's Ridge Dairy, a small herd of about 25 Purebred Nubians and French and American Alpines, located on 12 acres 30 minutes west of Wichita, Kansas. We started raising Alpines in 2005, and acquired our first Nubians in 2008. Calvin and Celeste participate in showmanship and do quite well. We try to go to four or five shows yearly, including the KS State Fair. Our does are Linear Appraised annually, and are on DHIA year round.

For the health and safety of our kids, we do not show them until they are at least six months of age. We test for CAE yearly, as we maintain a CAE and CL free herd. All kids are immediately taken from their dams at birth. Each kid is fed colostrum from their own CAE free dam because we feel the kids are healthier and less prone to diseases. Because we pool the milk from our does it is always pasteurized for safety sake. We use the free-choice lambar system for the kids until they reach between 2-3 months old, after which they are slowly allotted less milk each day, until they are totally weaned by about 4 months old.

Herd health is very important to us, which is why our does, bucks and kids are not raised in confinement, but roam in large pastures. We have chosen not to feed alfalfa to our does as we are concerned with the constant spraying we see done to alfalfa grown around here. Our does are on pasture from spring until fall and are supplemented with brome hay as necessary. They are fed a custom 16% dairy feed made with lots of whole oats and cracked corn. Loose minerals, baking soda and kelp are available for the goats to eat at all times.

Each and every goat we have purchased to start off our herd has been carefully considered and selected from herds we admire. Artificial Insemination is a useful tool for our herd, making improvements and out crossing our herd to keep our bucks from breeding themselves out of a job. We believe that a buck must be proven up with milking daughters, by LA, DHIA and Show.

We are planning on attending the 2010 ADGA National Show this year, bringing a couple does, and restocking on semen.

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